Omron Limit Switch WLCA12-2-Q WLCA122Q roller lever NIB


Two-circuit Limit Switch WLCA12-2-Q
[Adjustable roller lever: Overtravel, 90°](Compatible with WLCA12-2)
Wide Range of Two-circuit Switches; Select One for the Operating Environment/Application

• A wide selection of models are available, including the overtravel models with greater OT, indicator-equipped models for checking operation, low-temperature models, heat-resistant models, and corrosion-proof models.
• Microload models are added to the product lineup.
• Approved standards: EC/IEC, UL, CSA, CCC (Chinese standard).


FOTEK U Type High Speed Gear Sensor SU-07X IP65 NPN NIB


U Type High Speed Gear Sensor SU-07X (NPN)

Output Method : NPN,
Operation Voltage : 10-30VDC
Current consumption : 30mA max.
Output current : 150mA max.
Protection circuit : Short Circuit & Polarity Reversed Protection
Emitter : Infrared Led
Response frequence : 5 K Hz
Illumination : Lamplight<5000 LUX ; Sunlight < 10,000 LUX Housing material : Intersive ABS Operation temp/hum : -20°C ~ +70°C ; 35% ~ 85%RH Protection : IP-65


Omron Temperature Controller E5EZ-Q3T E5EZQ3T NIB


Digital Temperature Controller E5EZ-Q3T
[Voltage output (for driving SSR), Three alarms, Thermocouple, infrared sensor/platinum resistance thermometer, 100 to 240 VAC]

These Best-selling Generalpurpose Temperature Controllers Are Now Even Better.

• Controllers now available with analog inputs.
• Faster sampling at 250 ms.
• Transfer output provided for easy output to recorders.
• Models available with a loop break alarm (LBA) and heater short alarm (HS alarm).
• Manual output provided.
• Easy setting with 11-segment displays.
• New protocol called Modbus is installed in the models with communications.
• USB-Serial conversion cable is available.



Fuji Magnetic Contactor SC-0 Standard Type NIB


Magnetic Contactor

SC and SW series Standard Type SC-0

-Max. motor capacity(kW) 200V240V-3.5 380V440V-5.5
-Rated operation current(A) 200V240V-13, 380V440V-12
-Rated thermal current(A) 20
-Normal Open



SANWA Analog Multitester YX-360TRF YX360TRF NIB


Analog Multitester YX-360TRF [Made in Japan]
[Durable Drop Shock Proof Null (Zero Center) Meter]
22-Channel Rotary Switch Various Measurement Function

- Taut Band meter for high sensitivity,
- Stabilized indication and drop shockproof
- Attachment body cover equipped for meter panel protection and stand.
- Measurement high resistance up to 200M ohm with low voltage
- Null meter ±5 / ±25 in DCV
- Capacitance, dB, Li measurement
- High DC voltage measurement with optional HV probe
- hFE measurement with optional HFE probe
- Test Lead compartment equipped for storage.
- Gold plated test pin for accurate measurement
- Direct connected test leads to avoid loss
- IEC1010-1 CAT II 1000 DCV / 750ACV, CATIII 600V Max. CE Marking



FOTEK Inductive Proximity Sensor PM12-04N NPN 4.0mm NIB


Inductive Proximity Sensor PM12-04N
[M12, Normal Open, NPN, DC voltage, 4.0mm, Non-Flushed, Stand Ard Type, Lead Wire Type]



SKG Temperature controller PN-72-WTK PN72WTK 100% NIB


Analog Algorithm Limit Temperature controller
PN-72-WTK (110/220VAC)


Dial Plate Setting
Analog Prototype
Use Temperature Measure, Control
Range 0~400
With Cold Junction
Work with K type Thermocouple Sensor
Temperature Control with ON-OFF
Output: Relay
CE certification



Hanyoung Rotary Encoder PSC-MC-N Increment Type NPN NIB


Rotary Encoder "PSC series" PSC-MC-N

Increment Type
Simple installation structure
5~24 V d.c wide power voltage



Sanllevi M8 Plug-in Connector C8-I-F-4A 4 wires 100%NIB


M8 Plug-in Connector - C8-I-F-4A
[M8 Cable Connector, Straight Female connector, 3 wires, No LED Indicator]


* M8 Plug-in cables and connectors; straight connector or Bend 90 angle connector
* Female connectors, 3 or 4 females holes can be selectable
* Standard cable section: 3 wires (outside diameter: 4.0mm; core: 12×0.2mm ); 4 wires (outside diameter: 4.0mm; core: 12×0.3mm );
* Cable length is at buyer's option, standard cable length: 2M
* Water and oil resistant



NIB Ultrasonic Distance Estimator YH-620 0.6-15m Laser


Ulrtasonic Distance Estimator YH-620

Laser or target the point to which you want to measure
Auto convets feet to meters
Calculate area and volume
Meaures up to 50 feet



Line Seiki Second Meter GR5322-2100 AC / DC20-250V NIB


Second Meter GR5322-2100
Input:Wide range voltage input (AC / DC20-250V), Reset:Remote&Front, Wiring:Terminal block



AUTONICS Rotary Encoder E40S6-100-3-N-24 Shaft Type NIB


Diameter o40mm Shaft type
Incremental Rotary encoder- E40S6-100-3-N-24 DC12-24V(+/-5%)

Easy installation at narrow space
Small rotor inertia
Wide range of power supply : 5VDC, 12-24VDC ±5%
Various output types



FOTEK Inductive Proximity Sensor PS-05N NPN 5.0mm NIB


Inductive Proximity Sensor PS-05N
[Square Type, Normal Open, NPN, DC voltage, 5.0mm, Flushed, Horizontal Type, Lead Wire Type]





Programming Device Connecting Cable for a
C-series peripheral port and personal

This is a Direct Replacement Cable of Omron CQM1-CIF02 PLC programming cable.

[RS-232 Port Omron PLC Connection Cable]

Compatibility PLCs : CPM1, COM1A/2A, CQM1, C200HS, C200HX/HG/HE and SRM1 Serie



NIB Mounting Rail 6ES7390-1AE80-0AA0 RAIL=480mm


SIMATIC S7-300, Mounting Rail [RAIL L=480MM] - 6ES7390-1AE80-0AA0
This is a Direct Replacement of Siemens 6ES7390-1AE80-0AA0 Mounting Rail



AUTONICS Proximity Sensors CR18-8DP CR188DP M18 8mm NIB


Electric Capacitive Type Proximity Sensor CR18-8DP

Able to detect iron, metal, plastic, water, stone, wood etc
Long life cycle and High reliability
Built-in protection circuit of reverse power polarity, surge
Easy to adjust of the sensing distance with built-in sensitivity adjustment volume
Available to check the status of operation by Red LED indicator
Easy to control of level and position



AUTONICS Photoelectric Sensors BX15M-TFR 15m DC/AC NIB


Photoelectric Sensor BX15M-TFR
[Transmitted Beam Type, Sensing Distance 15m, Power Supply 24-240VDC/24-240VAC, Respone Speed Max.20ms, Relap Output]

Terminal type photoelectric sensor for long distance
*Built-in sensitivity adjustment VR
*Timer : ON Delay, OFF Delay, One-shot Delay
*NPN/PNP open collector output(DC power type)
*Self-diagnosis function (Green LED is lighted in stable level.)
*Built-in reverse power polarity protection and overcurrent protection circuit.
*Wide range of power supply : Common use of 24-240VDC/24-240VAC
*Waterproof structure : IP66(IEC standard)



Line Seiki Rotary Encoder CE-200Z 1signal DC4.5-5.5 NIB


Rotary Encoder CE-200Z
Outside Diameter 30mm(Shaftφ4), PCD22, 200 Resolution, DC4.5-5.5V, 1 signal output (only signal A)