Metronix Rotary Encoder S48-8-0500ZO 8mm Shaft Type Open Collector MECAPION NIB


Rotary Encoder S48-8-0500ZO
[Outer Diameter:Ø48, Shaft size:Ø8,Resolution:500, Output Signal:A,B,Z, Output Form:Open Collector]

[S48 Series] Incremental Shaft Type

Features :
- Various Resolution,
- 10-6000 P/R(31 class),
- Wide Ranging Power Voltage,
- Customized Design,
- Prompt Delivery

- Industrial application
- Measuring instruments


Xinya Increament Rotary Encoder A52S-8-500-3-F-24 Shaft:8mm PCD 35mm 10-24V NIB


Xinya Increament Rotary Encoder A52S-8-500-3-F-24

Resolution: 500 ppr
Power source: 10-24 VDC
Shaft: 8mm
Size: Diameter 52mm, Length 50.5mm
Mounting: PCD 35mm, Rabbet 30mm
Output: Push-pull
Output phase: A, B, Z
Cable length: 1 meter


Omron Temperature Controller E5CN-R1TU E5CNR1TU NIB


Omron Basic-type Digital Temperature Controller E5CN-R1TU
[Relay Output, One Alarm, Universal thermocouple/platinum resistance thermometer, Plug-in type]

New 48 x 48-mm Basic Temperature Controller with Enhanced Functions and Performance. Improved Indication Accuracy and Preventive aintenance

• Indication Accuracy Thermocouple input: ±0.3% of PV (previous models: ±0.5%) Pt input: ±0.2% of PV (previous models: ±0.5%) Analog input: ±0.2% FS (previous models: ±0.5%)
• New E5CN-U Models (Plug-in Models) with analog inputs and current outputs.
• A PV/SV-status display function can be set to automatically alternate between displaying the status of the Temperature Controller (auto/manual, RUN/STOP, and alarms) and the PV or SV.
• Preventive maintenance for relays in the Temperature Controller using a Control Output ON/OFF Counter.




Anly MULTI - RANGE Digital Timer ASY-3SM


-Crystal oscillator for extreme accuracy
-7-segment-display for clear display
-Pushwheel switch for accurate setting
-Available on Count Up model or Count Down Model
-CE certified


Omron Solid-state Timer H3CA-8H H3CA8H DIGITAL 100%NIB


Omron Solid-state Timer H3CA-8H

[48x48mm(1/16_DIN), Flush mounting / Surface mounting, Power ON delay, 8-Pin Model, Time-limit contact: DPDT]

DIN-sized (48 x 48mm) Timer with Digital Setting and LCD Display

• Dual power supplies for free AC/DC.
• Eight operation modes selectable with one unit.
• Any desired time can be set digitally within a range from 0.1 seconds to 9,990 hrs.
• Four external signal inputs.
• ON/OFF indicator for control output and bar indicator for remaining time.
• Conforms to UL, CSA, and CE marking.


Style Funny Stickers old UK Flag For your Skateboard Macbook Ipad Helmet Baggage


Style Funny Stickers/Decal Logo (Style 3-UK Flag old texture)
[For your Skateboard, Helmet, Guitar, Phone, Macbook, Ipad, Notebook, Baggage...and everywhere you like~~!]



3D Nail Art Seal Beautiful Flowers Nail/Toe Stickers Pack Party&Ladies Gift NEW3


3D NAIL Seal, Beautiful Flowers Nail (Package 3)


Line Seiki Digital Stroboscope SS-2000 10mm LCD 6Digits Xenon Lamp 100VAC NIB


Line Seiki Strobo scope SS-2000

Free numerical input, multi-function SS-2000.
Wide range of practical applications, from RPM measurement to high speed
motion analysis.


KWANGWOO Increament Rotary Encoder RIB-40-1000ZO 40mm 5-28VDC Open Collector NIB


KWANGWOO Increament Rotary Encoder RIB-40-1000ZO
Solid Shaft Type, Outer Diameter 40mm, 1000PPR, Output Signal:A,B,C, Open Collector Output

· Small, compact size
· Wide ranging application
· Measuring Instrument
· Low cost type

· Industrial use
· Textile machine
· Weaving & Twisted thread machine
· Robot
· Lubricator


Siemens Inductive Proximity Switch 3RG4012-0AG01 NIB


Siemens Inductive Proximity Switch 3RG4012-0AG01 NIB
2M Cable, PUR, NO contact, PNP

Number of wires : 3-wire
Design : M12
Installation in metal : Flush
Rated operating distance : 2mm
Enclosure material : Brass, nickel-plated
Operating Voltage(DC) : 15…34
Degree of protection : IP67


Siemens Sonar Proximity Switch 6GR6232-3AB00 100%NIB


Siemens Sonar Proximity Switch SIMATIC PXS200 6GR62 32-3AB00

Sensing Range 2…25cm
Rated operational current 150mA
Switching output 1NP PNP
Operating mode/frequency output Diffuse sensor


Kontec Photoelectric Switch KS-C2G NPN 12mm 12-30VDC Red LED IP66 NIB


Kontec Photoelectric Switch KS-C2G
NPN, 12mm, 12-30VDC, Red LED, IP66

- Light source: White or green (selectable)
- Sensing method: Coaxial Reflective
- Tiny light spot can sense small area
- Protection from output short-circuit

Use: test when the photoelectric non-linear editing system

Suitable for: gravure printing, compound machine, bag making machine, cutting machine, automatic packaging machine, etc



Contrinex Inductive sensors DW-AS-611-M12 Diameter M12 Operation 4mm NPN NO NIB


Contrinex Inductive sensors DW-AS-611-M12
Diameter:M12, Operating Distance:4mm, Mounting:non-embeddable

Standard model Cylindrical housing

M12 Main features:

− Housing length 50 mm (cable) / 60 mm (connector), cylindrical M12, nickel- plated brass

− Short version, housing length 35 mm (cable) / 45 mm (connector)

− Supply voltage 10 ... 30 VDC, output current 200 mA

− LED, protections against short-circuits, induced overvoltages and power sup- ply reversal built-in

− PNP and NPN, N.O. and N.C. exe- cutions



AUTONICS Proximity Sensor PSN30-10DN (PSN3010DN) NIB


Autonics Square Type Proximity Sensors PSN30-10DN

* Improve the noise resistance by adopting dedicated IC
* Built-in protection circuit of reverse power polarity (DC 3-wire type)
* Built-in surge protection circuit (except for PS12)
* Long life span, high reliability with simple operation
* Available to check the status of operation by Red LED indicator
* IP67 protection structure (IEC standard)
* Wide range of applications for replacement of micro switches, limit switches


Metronix Rotary Encoder S40-6-0500ZO 6mm Open Collector MECAPION KOREA NIB


Metronix Rotary Encoder S40-6-0500ZO
[Outer Diameter:Ø40, Shaft size:Ø6,Resolution:500, Output Signal:A,B,Z, Output Form:Open Collector]

[S40 Series] Incremental Shaft Type

* Various resolution
* 10 - 3600P/R (29 Class),
* Wide ranging power voltage
* Customized design
* Prompt delivery

- Industrial application
- Measuring instruments


NIB Mitsubishi Replacement PLC CABLE SC-09+ RS232 RS422


Red Standard Programming Cable For FXAand A Series PLC's

This is a Direct Replacement Cable of Mitsubishi SC09 PLC programming cable.

* RS232/RS422 Connector
* Brand New In Box
* 3 Meters Length

Package Including: USB-SC09+ Cable X 1


SKG Temperature controller PN-72-WTK PN72WTK 100% NIB


SKG Analog Algorithm Limit Temperature controller
PN-72-WTK (110/220VAC)


* Dial Plate Setting
* Analog Prototype
* Use Temperature Measure, Control
* Range 0~400
* With Cold Junction
* Work with K type Thermocouple Sensor
* Temperature Control with ON-OFF
* Output: Relay
* CE certification


Omron Solid-state Twin Timer H3BF-N8 H3BFN8 8-pin NIB


Omron Solid-state Twin Timer H3BF-N8

Independent ON- and OFF-time settings. Furthermore, combinations of long ON- or OFF-time and short OFF- or ON-time settings are possible.

Wide time ranges from 0.05 s to 30 h.

Easy sequence checks through instantaneous outputs for a zero set value at any time range.

Approved by UL and CSA.